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    After very serious testing, I've come across the knowledge that the Variable hack is broken. After applying it, numerous game-crashing glitches occured. The first is what I call the qAF glitch, in which a textbox comes up that delivers endless streams of the word qAF that never stops. Other times my character will simply freeze on a random spot (usually one of the blocks next to a warp). On one occasion, the game wouldn't go past the bootscreen and looped back to it every single time it was supposed to go into the opening animation. On another, the game froze on a black screen when it tried to load the name-entering screen. Every single one of these requires a restart, and the worst part is, the first two are random and will appear at different intervals of time. I have no clue if it's the save patch, the ASM code, or my own incompitence causing this, but every time I applied the variable code, it broke the game. Are you positive that it's safe to use those variables even with the code? I feel like they're way too important to overwrite or that they contain something super important in them. Hopefully this little bug report can fix the code (although honestly, there's enough variables since one can hold enormous values and work for numerous scripts, but it'd still be nice)

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