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I just wonder, what do people automatically assume about others' sexuality, and does that tie into their own?
I try not to assume anything, but I do have a powerful gaydar, lol. I think it rude to assume someone is of a certain sexuality due to whatever mannerisms they may have, but I am highly aware that I am a huge hypocrite when I say this, lol. I consider sexuality, or lack thereof, an important part in a person and I usually want to know what sexuality a person identifies as. Not in the first conversation, of course, but over time! I like knowing whether a guy has the possibility of ever being attracted to me, although I find it incredibly hard to believe that anyone can be attracted to me, oops.

However, I tend to assume that 90% of the people I see or engage with are heterosexual, I don't have any reasoning for this aside from the 'that's the way it is' idea.
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