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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    ok hacking geniuses... after you beat the E4... oak approaches you in Palette town... and you follow him (without control) into his lab thats a level script in Palette town.. but inside the lab, oak walks forward, you follow (again without control) and you talk to him... WHERE IS THAT SCRIPT... its not a level script, the conversation is in Oaks script (offset 0x8169035) but what tells sprite 0x4 to walk forward and turn around, what forces the player to follow and start the conversation... PLUS if the player actually talked to oak (of his own free will) there would be more conversation before the one at 0x8169035... im so confused, it SHOULD be a level script... it SHOULD be easy to find...
    This could be like Bill's script on Cinnebar Island. For some reason, XSE won't decompile it because of a weird branch to get to it. I think Bill's script can be found in PKSV, not sure though. I'm going to give this a try in PKSV.

    Edit: I can't find it in either script editor either, though I have a plan. This is a very long way of doing things, but it works:

    1) Take the first thing Oak says inside and find it using A-Text.

    2) Take the offset it exists at and create a pointer with it.

    3) Search for that pointer in the rom using a hex editor.

    4) The only result should be in the script. Write down the offset of the pointer.

    5) Open up XSE and go to that offset.

    6) Continue to subtract 1 from the offset until you think you found the beginning of the script (most map scripts begin with Lockall).

    7) Thank me when you find it.

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