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1)Has there ever been a time in your life when everything seemed to fall apart, nothing made sense, and nothing mattered anymore?

Whether it be the time someone maliciously confused you for their own amusement, or that time when you didn't know what to do and it seemed as if anything and everything important to you was being taken from you, or any time in your life where you have been completely, utterly confused, sad, and when nothing made sense, please do share.

I apologize in advance if you do not want to share anything too personal.

I would share my experiences of great despair with you, but I have but nothing to say besides that those moments tend to happen quite often. So many of them come and go that they usually slip my mind.

2)Has there ever been a time when you witnessed a discombobulation of order not related to you? i.e. an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, food fight, street brawl, or anything utterly chaotic that you couldn't quite make sense of.

3)What are your other thoughts about confusing events, chaos, and disorder? Discuss
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