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    Originally Posted by ashuron View Post
    Hi , i need know if exist an pokemon mistery dungeon hack rom for gba with all pokes !!
    Please i really want this " room " for 2 weeks !!
    To my knowledge, there isn't a single hack of mystery dungeon. Some research was done a while back, but nothing came of it.

    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    lol I have done this before... problem is...

    I know where the exact conversation is... i just dont know why it starts on its own (or the walking)

    and its not even that I need to edit it... it just bugs me that I cant find it and it should be a level script... y isnt it... grr (ur right bills is the same way, but I managed to remove it)
    haha, it is kind of funny. I'm sure if you found the script, you could also find the pointer that calls it and from there learn maybe why it doesn't show up.

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