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    Originally Posted by bugsy555 View Post
    We actually had a good example of this in Australia recently. One of our national holidays is Australia day, it's self explanatory. Anyway, we had people from other backgrounds who have decide to start a new life in this great country, which is great....But, they were offended by Australia day and wanted it changed to Citizen day or something along those lines. Now i was opposed to that for obvious reasons and that makes me a racist. Yet the people who wanted to change it weren't? At the end of the day, whether you're born here or moved here we're all australian, so what does it matter. The point of all this is PC is getting so bad that you can quickly be labelled a rascist or a homophobe if you don't stop saying this or stop doing that. People need to get over it and focus on the real issues. well, thats my piece.
    I got into a pretty heated debate with one of my friends who was one of those people supporting the name change of Australia Day.
    He is from India and thought it wasn't really appropriate for it to be strictly Australia Day as it implied only "Australians" could celebrate it.
    My other friend of Aboriginal background was the same for a different, slightly more realistic reason, Jan 26 was the day white men settled and began colonising Australia, in the process they slaughtered thousands of innocent aboriginals. To her naming the day the slaughter of her past relatives as the most celebrated day relating to our country was definitely inconsiderate and should either be moved to a different day, or have it change it's name to not label Jan 26 as our most proud moment so we named our national day after it.

    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    I disagree. Some things are just offensive on their face. People shouldn't be ignorant of how offensive what they say could be.

    So, like, the strawman PC thing is to say "African American" (for us Americans anyway) and not "black" but the real thing isn't that you shouldn't call someone black, you just shouldn't say things like "those blacks" or "black people are all..." and stuff like that.

    You're right in the sense that people shouldn't be ignorant about the connotations of their words, but I don't like that it implies many things to be offensive. Example, if I a white man were to call an African man a "n*****" that would be highly offensive and derogatory in any context. Everyone is aware of that, it is impossible for you to think that would be okay to say. But if I were to call him "black", I have no idea why that's a problem and it's not ignorance. Without context N is offensive, black is not.
    Anything identifying black as lesser or somehow worse than another race is offensive and it goes both ways. But to describe a man as tall, black, and wearing green skinny jeans should be completely fine. I mean it's okay for every other race ever to call a white boy white and he has no right to be offended by it but the other way and it's a horrific crime.

    I'd also like to point out that, with exceptions, the majority of words, slurs, remarks and stereotypes are only offensive when someone deems them so.
    In summation I'm going to continue calling black people black, white people white, Asians Asian, Latino's Latino etc.. So call me racist for being insensitive to this ridiculous idea of Political Correctness.
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