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    Yeah most likely. Though I lack deoxys and i am not buying one. That and the only problem with that is i would need to run plasma energy as well to make full of his attack. Which would probably mean at least 2 plasma energy and probably 1 colress machine. Though it could act as a psuedo-energy acceleration, but it would require me to take out a cards, probably Cilan and 2 psychic energy. Which might hurt this deck more than help it. Idk.

    Though if you run Garbador with garbotoxin. You have to be careful how you use it. As it gets rid of all abilities. This include Sigilyph, Deoxys, Mr. Mime, and Crobat's Abilities. All of which can be vital at any point in time. So its good to have a tool scrapper (or some way to grab one) in hand when you put one on Garbador.
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