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Part Twenty-One: Hunt for the Master
Or bashing up a bunch of sheep and getting some ice cream.


Luckily this isn't a difficult maze by any means, but we still need to go find this master.

Are you the master?

...I'll take that as a no.

Why did you move to the left side?

We're definitely going places in this conversation.

Maybe what?


Not the sheep thing that was on the island, I might add. Or at least, I'm pretty sure this one isn't.

The level of it is at least comparable to Not-Sandslash, but it's still a simple battle.

I believe Bek is asking this, given the following dialogue. A fair question to ask of a talking fighting ram with a tiny hat.

We want money.

Oh. =(

Can't make what? Money?

Hmm, maybe he has money.

'It' was there? =/


What the game doesn't tell you is that you need to find two more of these guys to be able to find out where the master is. Nothing exciting happened between the first and second encounters, so:

Maybe for Engrish training.

I never really get why Bek is so eager to make new friends Maybe he likes violence, given that making friends usually involves bashing them up.

More than ten seconds? Dang.

These WARATA are not very good at making calls, given nobody ever comes to help them in the fight. Some training they do.


Dang those lying sheep.


Well, I did find the tree gate to the next place. So that's something.

And thus we encounter KESI's evolution: ICECREAM

Now in the delicious cancer variety!

I bet you never had your ice cream Miao at you.

It's the ice cream that bites back!

This game. It has things like this. Idk what the pirates were thinking in using that as a name for a monster.

But I don't think there's many other monsters that fit the name so well though. ;p

OSIE meanwhile has a much nicer looking evolution, and a less edible name!

OSIE also lost a fair bit of weight. Good on him!


Sadly, this heralds the start of a lot of phone calls while I try to find other monsters.

Well, you still could use some weightwatchers. >:[ And I am not, you are calling me! And yet, the correct answer (at least for getting FD) is Yes...

Everyone? Gosh, I hope not, especially considering how many things I hate.


I'll opt for Why?, as in Why are you saying this to me? (Also not a question to begin with!)

I don't think I want to know about this story, really. =(

This has nothing to do with anything, PUNIKA! =(



Well, you can't do anything about this guy, but we've seen him in a few places already. Hmm.

Guess we better meet the third sheep guy then.

Oh great, another guy who is quick to jump to conclusions.

Bek, that is not nearly enough words to say what you wanted to.

Somehow the sheep gets that out of what Bek said. =/


Of course.

There, happy?

I don't like the sound of that. =/

Somehow I don't think ET would be out of place here.


It was a glorious battle. Several telemarketers lay still on the sands of Liz Island.

We were already there!


Well, Bek, are you going to say thanks?

I guess not. Anyways we found the master, and he looks fat. We also got a call from RANBRAGE.

No they weren't, quit telling fibs.

Stupid RANBRAGE. Anyways, sorry to keep you waiting, Mr Master.

As in, this very spot you are standing on. And maybe a step to the right as well. Yeah.

Your money!

Well, everyone likes to make friend, Bek. But not everyone can have friend and money.

You have to be qualified for these things now?

In other words: 'I don't care if you are old, FIGHT ME! I'll MAKE you be my friend!'

I don't really like how he talks. =/


Even as a kid this whole arc felt out of place. Sure, you could say the same of the whole game, but for some reason this part was especially so. The 2nd half of Liz Island is 'find this master guy and be his friend', and he's not even that good. RANBRAGE was two updates back and two levels higher!

He can just have the regular battle theme, even.

erties! Also sky type. Weird looking owl.

Sums up WAMITE, I suppose.

Armory gets the type advantage here, so why not. So polite!

Sure, that's a lot of health...

But we do half of that on him despite the type disadvantage, and that's a bigger fraction of his health.

And then he crits Not-Sandslash. Spoke too soon! :V

But this battle is still rather simple...

Now we get a critical hit our way, for instance.

And ARMORY would have probably killed him anyway.

But you're good at hiding! We had to beat up three sheep to be able to notice you!

Not-Sandslash is currently flexing his muscles.

MagMon! Whatever that means.

All the tuber.

But we already have too many! =(

Did he just talk to the door...?

Oh? Is it the power to go home?

I... think I can?

Or are these the powers?

And then he disappears. Let's never use him! \o/

But he did give us some useful powers. Although how he did that is beyond me. Maybe he made Bek buff.

Remember those treasure chests from previous towns? We can access them now! But we'll bother with that some other time. Items aren't really important to progress in this game anyways save for the grinding sort.

Onwards to the next place!

That sure is a name to call your lake. Let's explore it next update.