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Ah your not kind at all huh? xD i accept your challenge! going to have to stalk that first honey tree for aipom xD

As for your re-roll, does work for you?


So heres my first update. i'll try to update every Saturday. And yes im really going for this one was pretty bored when writing it up, hope you enjoy reading it xD

- picked a girl, named her Sylvie

The news was just coming to an end when my mom called me downstairs, telling me that my friend Kain was here to see me. So i headed down as quick as i could, i know he hates waiting. If he were a pokemon he'd have a hasty nature, his special skill would be speed boost and the only move he'd know would be quick attack.

Apparently i was too slow, since he was already gone. Guess i had no choice, i had to go find him, the first place i'd check would be his house. Just as i was about to leave mom warned me abot the dangers of going into tall grass alone. Geez, i'm not stupid, i dont even have my own pokemon, and probably wouldnt get one any time soon.

The moment i touched the door to Kain's house, he came charging out and crashed into me, took him a few minutes to even realize it was me he'd ran into. Though i suppose i'm used to it by now. sometimes id wonder why he was even friends with me, he was clearly oblivious to my feelings for him. maybe he just liked dragging me around. Then again Twinleaf 'town' was more like a village, we only had 4 houses in the whole area, we didn't even have a pokemon center. and we never got tourists they would all stop at the next town over where Professor Rowan's lab was. At least there was never a dull moment.

He yelled something about going to see the lake, claiming he'd fine me 1m if i was late, before running off. only to come back a few seconds later looking a little embarressed that he forgot something. The usual routine, today was going to be ordinary too it seemed.

Went and met Kain on route 201 and he started talking about the news report i'd just watched, just how fast could he move? he must have gotten overly excited or something because he was at my place before it had even finished. I could already see where he was going with this though. My hunch was correct, he wanted to see if the lake near town held some sort of secret like a red gyarados. I couldnt really refuse since he was already dragging me over there as he was speaking. Well, i had to admit, i WAS curious myself, it would be an amazing discovery. When we got there, these two men were just leaving, but it looked like they forgot something, Kain wanted to check it out but it was in the tall grass and i remembered my moms warning, would be fine right? i mean we werent going to take long..

I should have listened to mom, upon reaching the forgotten briefcase we were attacked by some starly, in our surprise, Kain knocked open the case, inside were some pokeballs. There was no time to think, we had to borrow them to defend ourselves. I grabbed the first one i touched and threw it. It released a piplup, well, it was better than nothing and luckily it listened to me and defeated the wild starly. Just as the battle ended, the younger of the two guys came back, looking for the briefcase. He went pale as soon as he saw we'd used the pokemon inside though. Kain and i had no choice but to go and return the pokemon to the professor.

He was waiting for us on route 201, he just glared at us before heading off back to his lab. guessing that made him prof. Rowan from the next town over. Kain and i were going to have to go visit his lab to return them instead. Today wasn't so ordinary afterall. I went home and told mom all about it and she confirmed my suspicions, advising me to head over to sandgem town and apologise asap. She gave me some 'running' shoes to make the journey easier. Apparently they were special, they allowed me to do this thing called 'running' that seemed to be a rare ability among people in this world, most of whom were confined to 'walking' or cycling.
Kain was a rare specimen, he could zip anywhere without running shoes, and he was super fast, i doubt i could keep up even with these shoes.

I ran to Sandgem as fast as i could, running was pretty cool, i could see why Kain thought everyone else was too slow now. upon reaching sandgem that lucas guy directed me towards the lab, of course Kain would typically come running out and crashing into me, like usual. It was reaching a point where it didnt even hurt anymore. After a short, one sided conversation he ran off somewhere, leaving me and lucas to see the prof. to my surprise he let me keep the piplup. I had wanted to catch my starter though, so decided piplup could become my 'boat' in the future if i ever needed one. So i decided to name it 'The Minnow'.
yes. i know. my boat naming sense is awful.

After being given a pokedex, informing my mother of my journey, recieving a mapt to deliver to Kain, and being taught how to catch pokemon by lucas, i headed out into the tall grass to find my very first pokemon. There i had a fateful encounter with Lt.Squawk. It was like she wanted me to catch her, as she demonstrated her strength with a single attack, before growling to ensure 'The Minnow' did not slay her in battle. She had a lax nature and often dozed off, but being a seemingly brilliant tactician and my potential lifelong friend easily made up for that. We trained for a bit, before heading off to Jubilife city. Upon arrival, Lucas appeared and criticised my lack of pokemon, but what does he know? i value quality over quantity. He also told me that Kain was at the trainers school, so i headed over to deliver the town map to him, and he was kind enough to give me the spare. Kain told me he was going to head to Oreburgh city to challenge the gym
it sounded like a good idea so i made plans to head over there, though i heard the gym there uses rock types.. but no problem, Lt.Squawk and i got this! We have skill to make up for the type disadvantage. Just as i started making my way through the city however, i got roped into taking part in some sort of quiz game, with a free poketch as a prize. It was really really easy and i left the city feeling pretty good about myself, new poketch on my wrist, though i doubted i'd use
it as anything other than a watch.

Did some more training out on route 204, there were a few trainers to make use of, however i found that the route through the cave was blocked, looked like i had no choice but to go to Oreburgh anyway. Still, it made good training fo Lt.Squawk. To my surprise, Kain was waiting for me on the road to Oreburgh and challenged me to a battle Lt.Squawk was still a little tired from training, so i was a little worried...but i soon realised I should have put more faith in my starly, i'd already experienced her brilliant tactical mind, speed and strength. with a bit of help from double team, the opponant barely hit us and she took out both pokemon, despite her previous injuries. Kain was just as stunned as i was, even better, Lt.Squawk evolved into a staravia right after the battle, now she was even more of a force to be reckoned with.

After returning to Jubilife to heal up, we continued our training, Lt.Squawk needed to be able to take on pokemon of the rock type with little difficulty otherwise we'd never beat the gym, so the cave infront of Oreburgh was a good place to stop off. Inside the cave (Oreburgh gate apparently) This big hiker guy stopped me and gave me a free HM containing Rocksmash, how nice of him! he must have been charmed by my cute looks and bright red scarf. I wonder if my ship could learn this move, since im sure i'll need it to get through that cave earlier, if not i'll just catch something and turn it into my bulldozer.

Training inside the cave was a little slow, since the rock pokemon and trainers were pretty weak, not to mention Lt.Squawk looked pretty intimidating so most wild pokemon kept their distance. After a little bit of running around i decided to go to Oreburgh, with any luck there would be other places to train around town. Of course, in typical Sylvie style, i had barely taken three steps into town when some kid dragged me off to the gym because i didnt have any badges yet. I have got to start standing up for myself or i'll end up being dragged around my entire life...well..if its by Kain i dont think i'd mind so much... Speaking of Kain, he was hanging around outside the gym when i arrived, it seemed like he'd already gotten the badge, so the only reason he had for hanging around was to tell me that the gym leader had gone to the mine. Now, considering this guy is always rushing off somewhere, the act of waiting was pretty thoughtful and sweet <3

Trained a little more on route 207, where there was this guy with a bike just staring at a slippery slope. Just staring at it wasnt going to help him get up at all...
after a short while i decided my partner and i were ready to head down to the mine, i was sure there would be plenty of rock types and trainers to help us train. If we were lucky, we could devise a winning strategy against the gym leader...

Typically the gym leader was at the back of the mine, but i took the opportunity to catch a geodude and name it Bulldozer, it was now my rock breaking machine. All the battles i had while searching for the gym leader should have been sufficient enough training. It was time to earn our first badge!

-- Showdown! Sylvie Vs. Roark! --

Round 1-- Lt.Squawk Vs. Geodude!

Lt.Squawk enters the battlefield! being a normal/flying type, she is greatly underestimated by her opponant, Roark almost smirks at my 'amatuer mistake' as he sends out his first pokemon, geodude. Lt.squawk started out the battle with a few double teams, but was unfortunate to get hit with rock throw right off the bat. She learnt from her mistake and avoided the second pulling off double team for a third and fourth time before swooping in for the attack, a high evasion would come in handy against this grueling match against all three of roarks pokemon. Geodude got lucky and managed to hit us with a few more rock throws, causing us to require a potion
before soldiering on, using a couple of wing attacks to batter down its defenses. That pesky gym leader used a potion of his own just before we dealt the finishing blow, but no matter, geodude had missed the last 4 rockthrow attempts. Unfortunately he hit on his 5th, Lt.squawk was in need of another potion. finally finished off geodude with a quick attack.
Victor: Lt.Squawk

Round 2-- Lt.Squawk Vs. Onix!

as Onix entered the ring, we took the opportunity to use another double team, which let us dodge onix's screech. her wing attack barely grazed Onix's defence, but it worked alot better than tackle. the opponant continued to attempt to lower our defences, but its attacks merely hit Lt.Squawks doubles, and she evades the move with grace and ease, taking control of the battle. Screech finally hit its mark, meaning it was time for another double team and a potion before continuing our wing attack barrage, the potion was used just in time because Onix got lucky with a rock throw, removing the health i'd just restored. But Lt.Squawk did not panic, she bravely continued her attack. Roark used another potion, practically fully restoring onix's hp. time to use another of my own and try another double team. This was becoming a grueling test of endurance and Roark was only on his second pokemon.

Lt.Squawks evasion was maxed out! just as we get hit by another screech, we needed both lady luck and skill on our side to survive now....Lady luck was smiling today, Onix failed to hit us again before we took it out
Victor: Lt.Squawk

Round 3-- Lt.Squawk Vs. Cranidos

It was time for a potion to max out our hp. cranidos was Roarks strongest pokemon, but luckily we already had a very high evasion. If my Lt. could keep up her tireless charge, i may have to consider promoting her! Quick attack dealt decent damage - which was a positive sign, but we did get hit by a pursuit luckily it was a dark move or it might have been the end for us. His next attack missed while our two wing attacks took him out. It was quite the surprise, Cranidos's defense was nothing in comparison to the first two, it seemed to rely on strength instead.
Victor: Lt.Squawk

Winner: Sylvie and Lt.Squawk!
Party recieved the coal badge!

>Time for a break.

Current team:


Lt.Squawk (F) lvl 19
Nature: Lax
Tackle - Double team - quick attack - Wing attack
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- Naturelocke challenge: Soul Silver 8/8
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