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    Originally Posted by zdude18 View Post
    i couldn't realistically see ash with any sort of psychic, dark, or ghost types because it wouldnt be like him to do so. i really wish hed taken his gible to unova as well to get garchomp, he probably would win the unova league with that thing.

    Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
    Ash has been shown never obtaining a Psychic or a Ghost type or even a Dark type. Seeing these pokes are often creepy and young kids could never like them. So he will never have one. I remember he has not have a proper Dragon type too. That Gible in Sinnoh has not been shown much again and it had not even shown evolving for some special event

    Not only Scraggy but he caught Krokorok which has evolved into Krookodile so Ash does have a dark type Pokemon, one he received as an egg and another he caught. It would great if Ash can catch one of each type. His team was really good in the Sinnoh League, being placed Top 4. But we are still waiting for Ghost, Psychic, Steel and Fairy.

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