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    Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
    Just to work it out in my head and with someone who likely knows more about how anime works then me... We're at episode thirteen now, and the manga is at, what, forty-six? That means by the time the season reaches the end of its second cour, which should be around episode twenty-six, the manga will have had three chapter updates, which is around three more episodes. If a few month hiatus is taken (perhaps one season [the fall season] is the break time) then only another three chapters would have been released which leaves at least another 20+ episode-worthy material for season two, yes? Just wondering if that's how you figure it.
    Actual spoilers below. I tried to talk around them, but it made everything I said really confusing so I just decided to post a warning.

    To be honest, my figuring is far from solid because it relies heavily on the anime's pacing. The best-case scenario is that the anime manages to fit in the Female Titan arc and season 1 ends immediately after that, and the worst-case scenario is if they pull a Magi and pad out the ending with a non-canon arc for whatever reason. In this case that might end up happening if they want to open season 2 with the Female Titan arc. If that happens, then they would probably be able to make a second season with all of the story arcs from the Female Titan arc all the way to where the manga currently is - maybe even a little less if it ended right before the return of the Colossal and Armored classes.

    But if they decide to cram in the Female Titan arc - and it would be crammed due to its length and the anime's projected ending falling right in the middle of it - then the latter part of season 2's material would focus on whatever comes out in the next 6-12 months. It'd most likely be a 12-month hiatus to give the manga room to get ahead of the second season's projected ending. Of course, with the movie coming out at some point there's no rush at all for season 2.
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