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BWS2 Da! 010/BW Season 2 048/BW 132

Jirachi awakens and Satoshi-tachi help a local girl find it to restore her homeland.

27 June 2013 [Japan]

- ooh pretty lighting
- where are they though
- are they in kanto
- are they on an island
- what is happening
- why would you camp that close to a cliff
- no warning for that there wth
- creepy lil thing aint it
- aw
- aww pika and kiba making jirachi happy
- satoshi sleeps through everything
- stfu satoshi
- u r a dumb
- aw sads
- oop hello CotD
- nice hairclips
- does she know jirachi?
- what is happening
- aw she must be little
- her mom's hairclips look like horns
- oh
- that's what all those cliffs and craters were
- aw that's actually really sad
- rockets hi
- this feels a lot like johto
- ooh it's nice 'round there
- satoshi and iris are being cute again <3
- oh the impatience of youth
- ooh lil girl
- u a dumb
- the bgm is really cute
- dare da? oh i wonder
- oh this is v sad tho
- why are there no bridges across the ravine
- like it used to be a river there should have been a bridge
- at this point rockets are about to show
- because that's what happens in Pokémon
- rlly creepy jirachi
- little alien baby thing
- there are the rockets
- oh no
- oh no it's Chiisaki Mono
- i'm crying oh my god
- this isn't even that good
- but that song
- man

I'm just going to say there is a small interesting point in here. Because Jirachi has awakened, we can assume one of these things:
  • The movies are completely AU from BW.
  • The Jirachi movie is AU from BW.
  • Best Wishes is AU from everything else.
  • This Jirachi is a different Jirachi on a different cycle.

Since I don't actually speak Japanese and only understand enough to get the gist of what's happening, I don't know if the fourth one is the case. Logically it would be the case, but who knows man. If it's the same Jirachi then... I don't know. I don't like that they're making the movies non-canon. I mean they were always sort of outside the general timeline, but to make them explicitly non-canon is just... irritating.

Other than that... Chiisaki Mono ;_________; and I really really miss Max again.

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