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Originally Posted by Crimson0191 View Post
@helloasha - good point, however scott's mission is to hold up the trainers, and I only just realised azalea is the home to the second gym, so I'll probablies post around that
@Crimson0191 You could set up some sort of diversion on Route 30, or in Violet city. I don't see any reason for you to be excluded in the fun. The RP feels like it's moving slow as molasses already. Having no posts from you for another 3-4* chapters would make things even worse.

Let's talk about something else for a bit!

The questions seemed to work last time, and now I'm getting curious again, so feel free to answer these as you wish.
1. What is one thing you like about yourself that other people might not like about you?
2. If you could be any Pokemon which Pokemon would you be, and why?
3. This one is special Tell us 3 things about your character that don't meet the eye. (Two of them have to be true, one of them must be a lie. Try hard not to make it obvious ... This would be a cool way to add more depth to your character, and start a fun conversation about all of our characters)

I will answer my own questions, and make my picks for your answers to #3 next time I post.

Until then, stay safe and enjoy your summer.
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