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Oh so we're bringing up prop 8

I remember trying to explain to the people at church why Prop 8 wasn't in accordance with the Bible in addition to being unconstitutional. They accused me of "not reading the entirety of the Bible" and I've been discriminated against ever since ("oh we feel like you aren't ready to lead ~" what the f seriously? I've been baptized and I come to church every single week and I fight for tolerance of Christians wtf guys.)

and for the record, it's not right because the bible allows people to have free choice (ie "Liberty") and secular law protects free choice/Liberty.

and to all the people who are like "oh no" just remember you don't have to show up at the wedding.
Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
It has to do with Religion, really. Religion has always worked to slow down equality

All of these can be traced to Religious ideals - Slavery was a accepted practice in the bible, women were considered property in the bible, and homosexuals were hated in the bible.

This is why the south had such high rates of slavery - They followed the bible, the bible accepted slavery. This is why southern states are at the forefront of trying to strip women of their reproductive rights - The bible considers them to be property. And why the majority of southern states believe suppressing the rights of homosexuals is a good thing - Because this group commits acts against God.

It's more prevalent in this region since, on average, more people here adhere to Christian values, but it occurs in any state where their is a large number of religious conservatives in power.

Look at it on a international scale - All nations that deny specific groups of people do so because of religious ideals.
This is starting to sound a little creepily anti-people-who-believe-in-crazy-things so I'm just going to say here that not many people actually think that all those Leviticall;kjaergiurehw laws are true.

And even if they were, they were told specifically in the Bible, while you were supposed to treat women like objects, you treat them like they're precious objects. You were supposed to treat slaves with love. That kind of thing.

So it's not the religion (it was actually trying to get the Israelites to treat everyone with more equality by using a more palatable analogy) but the people who are the problem.

And one last thing. Please oh pleaaaase read up on religious texts before complaining about religious people, if not to deter you, then to make a more informed argument. It's just like the "if you aren't gay, don't say what gay people are" rule. please?
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