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    By Zortac
    Hello people, sorry for the absence but I was looking for a new ISP.I finally got faster internet than 28800 b/sec broadband(I now have 128000 b/sec(128kbytes/sec)-> everything loads at least 25x faster) .On a side note, I write this diary in real-time .

    So, back to the walkthrough.We'll start by Vermillon City Pokemon Gym.But I just realised that I don't have a pokemon that can CUT, so I went out and caught a wild...

    Our first HM Slave, Gabriel the Oddish, is with us!
    So now that I caught a pokemon that can learn cut, I taught the move Cut to Gabriel and went on to Vermillion City Gym.

    DAMN!I forgot that it's this gym that's got the traps.Sincere thanks to the person who invented savestates
    But eventually...
    He's going to be thrashed... I feel sorry for him.
    And sure he was...

    Okay, so let's move on to Route 11.I can't believe that I've already managed to beat 3 gym leaders in a week(but I completed Pokemon Crystal on my GBC in 2 days->I had 2 hours of sleep, though.I was wrecked) .I defeated one trainer there before going to Route 12, but I forgot to get the PokeFlute so I went back to Vermillion, then to the fan club to obtain a...
    I went straight down to Cerulean to exchange it for a bike.Soon after I did that, I went onto Route 9 .i defeated all of the trainers on the route, but after going into the Rock Tunnel, I forgot to get the Flash HM .So, I'll end this part right there and we'll continue on when (Google will find out what the ruddy hell I have to do) I find out what to do next.

    So this one is really short, you can do it in 30 seconds.
    1)Cut down a tree and go into the spot where the tree used to be.

    2)Save your game at the same spot(DO NOT SAVESTATE!)

    3)Reset your game

    4)You should be standing on a tree(don't mind the palletes changing, I use savestates so that the pallete will be the same every time I load the game)

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