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I don't know which one was harder, Mesprit (uncatched yet) or Azelf (catched). Azelf was terrifying with its attacks, but Mesprit fleeing always and not having a Pokémon or move that traps your Pokémon in battle is frustrating.
Quick Fun Fact: I saved before battling Uxie and battled it. After weakening it, before trying to catch it I noticed I hadn't resupplied in Balls since my battle with Azelf. Still trying to catch it, failed a lot. I reset the game to resupply and battle Uxie. (I resupplied on all Balls I could in Snowpoint. And LOTS of Balls were bought) So I battled Uxie again and weakened it again (get ready for surprise). While I chose an Ultra Ball I thought "Here we go, for another Ball spamming montage. I wonder how many Balls I'll--" (catches Uxie in FIRST TRY) "WWHHAAAAAAAAAATTT?!?!?!? SO I BOUGHT ALL THOSE BALLS FOR NOTHING?!?" (I'm 13, those are my reactions)
So my Ball supplies were (this will be hilarious):
50 Poké Balls
50 Great Balls
50 Ultra Balls
25 Quick Balls
25 Dusk Balls
25 Timer Balls
5 Premier Balls
3 Net Balls
1 Nest Ball
1 Master Ball