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    Name: Pacifist
    Game: Soulsilver
    Ultimate or Solo: Solo
    Number of Pokemon: 6
    Team which you generated?:

    Any optional rules?: Nope
    Update 1
    Well im really confident about this challenge because i have an amazing team
    so yeah as usual i have no problem getting the mystery egg because Porygon 2 is a beast
    after the boring start Raichu take on some trainers and we arrive the first city
    i grind my pokemon till level 8 and now i'm ready to take on the Sprout tower
    well at the next update at least this update was kinda raw but yeah there is not much i can do, the start of the game is just boring dialogue lol
    PS: im going to evolve all my NFE pokes when its time to, since Porygon 2 evolution is a trade evolution i'm going to evolve it at lvl 33
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