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This came from the DOMA thread, and I just posted there. I do feel that droomph is being harassed though, but I'm not going through that on this thread.

First Snow, you just effectively justified prejudice by saying "just cuz I'm gay". I thought this thread was about overcoming prejudice, not well we've been oppressed over thousands of years and so we deserve a slap on the wrist. That's just plain ignorance to me.

Prejudice is stupid. It's when you don't like something, so when it shows up a big red flag pops up in your brain and shuts it down. Is that something worth justifying? especially when you can use your brain and read critically and analytically to learn what the person is actually talking about? We want to overcome prejudice because it prevents us from being that wholesome, rational, and reasonable person that we usually are. Prejudice is a person abandoning their reason and defending prejudice is defending abandoning reason. Let's not.

And I think what is going on with Prop 8 is as follows: a couple of gay couples sue against it, and California refuses to defend. The question is whether or not petitioners who support Prop 8 should be allowed to appeal on the behalf of California. The decision was no, they shouldn't be allowed to do that. And so Prop 8 falls because nobody is defending it. That's the legal gist of it, but yeah the concurring opinion said that petitioners don't have in stake in it, or injury blah blah blah.