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@Plumpy - Well here's one way of putting it; rocks have existed for a very long time, whilst the English language is still a baby in the context of the universe. As far as humans in the dark ages knew those rocks had always been there but it was the first English speakers that came up with the word "rock" to describe this object that had always been around. It is the same for mathematics, we came up with the symbols and equations we are familiar with to describe things that have always existed.

In the same way that humans began using the word "rock" to refer to the object we use numbers and symbols to explain trends, values and patterns that exist around us. This doesn't mean that the English language and rocks are the same thing, why should the language of mathematics be any different?

@Black Ice - Math doesn't govern the universe. We use math to describe/explain the scientific principals that govern the Earth. We didn't invent these principals, they have been around as long as our universe, we discovered them. But the language we use to explain these things (maths) is of human invention (see my above explanation).

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