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Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
That's actually a photoshopped background, there was a white backdrop in reality. There are other pictures with different backgrounds, which I'll post for the hell of it. But I'm pretty surprised how well the picture turned out, considering the photographer was literally taking a picture every 5 seconds (we had the pictures taken as we got off stage after getting our fake diploma). But thanks =D

Here are the others! And no, I don't know why one is of a forest.

Congratulations on graduating Bloodex! It must feel great to end the longest, most rigidly structured period of your life so far and really start living for yourself ^.^ Although a little sad and worrying, so step into the world like it's a Pokemon adventure!

Anyway, I'm going out tonight for a formal dinner, thought I'd take a pic or something. Too much pout, next I'll be doing duckfaces :O

[IMG][/IMG] So weird...