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Yeh I'll probably just do that for my pika's, I've compiled a small list that I think look cool, when quickly going through WOTC sets.

Charizard Base set
Blastoise Base Set
Venusaur Base Set
Lugia Neo Genesis
Ampharos Neo Genesis
Dark Scizor Neo Destiny
Ho-oh Neo Revelations
Raikou Neo Revelations
Entei Neo Revelations
Suicune Neo Revelations
Unown A Neo Discovery
Espeon Neo Discovery
Kabutops Neo Discovery
Erika's Venusaur Gym Challenge
Misty's Gyarados Gym Challenge
Brock's Rhydon Gym Heroes
Raichu Skyridge
Dewgong Skyridge
Nidoqueen Skyridge
Umbreon Skyridge

Thery're all holo, there are a few more I want but I figured I'd finish this list first.
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