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Many, many years before the events detailed HERE. The current Unova Champion is but a legacy of this tale.

The Pokémon Tim was given in Unova were the protagonist of this tale's Pokémon. Behold, the chronicles of the legendary trainer from Johto.

PART I / "Beginnings"

A young trainer wakes up very early. He dresses slowly as it is just another day in his home town of New Bark. Our hero's name is Timothy, or as his one friend Lyra refers to him; Tim. Tim headed down the stairs and was stopped by his mother.

She told him Professor Elm, the local Pokémon Scientist, needed to see him for something. She gave him his satchel and trainer card, patted his back and sent Tim off.

Tim wandered the town, speaking to his neighbors.

Before he entered the laboratory of Professor Elm, he saw a bright-red-headed boy about his age, peering through the lab's back window. Tim approached out of curiosity and the boy snapped at him, spun him around, and pushed him away.

Tim stopped outside the door of the lab, a little dazed by the events that just transpired. He inhaled deeply. What could the Professor need with him?

Setting aside his worries, he pushed the door open and expected nothing, but inside, hoped for something.