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Originally Posted by droomph
I'm sorry. But is this a gay people thing, to hate on religious people blindly? Because if that's how it is, I then revoke my support of gay marriage. If you won't treat everyone with equality, then you don't deserve equality.


In other news, Australia has had some step forward in the fight for gay marriage! Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard was just ousted from her post by our former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who seems to have had a change of heart in his absence and wants to see gay marriage move forward. He's now pushing for a conscience vote (or even a referendum) to make it happen!

Unfortunately the election is in like 2 months and there's no way he's gonna win because this government has screwed up so much over its 6 year run, so he's unlikely to get a chance to make it happen, but it's still encouraging to see.

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