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    Pokemon: Legend of the Seven Suns: In the beginning Arceus separated his power in 7 creatures that were not considered pokemon yet. These creatures had the less power than Arceus but are still powerful. These creatures tried to overthrow Arceus but were unsuccessful. Arceus used his power to deal them away into Suns and sent them off. But because of the sealing of the creatures he created 7 pokemon to be the only keys to awkwaening the creatures again. The 7 pokemon he originally created as their incarnated versions were, Latios,Latias,Raikou,Entai,Suicune,Lugia and Ho-oh. It was said if those 7 powers were controlled the controller of them would be stronger than Arceus himself. But this story has always just been a myth or is it? As a child I knew this couldn't be true. Until one day while sitting watching tv a break in the news appeared, showing Lugia attacking the six other pokemon of legend. While watching it a voice spoke to you and told you that you are one of the 7 protectors off the Mythical pokemon. As you walk out you see that there is a shadowy figure riding Lugia? You think to yourself who could this person be and why does he want the power so bad? Your friends Joy and Richard meet you outside and told you that they heard the same voice as you and that they should go get a pokemon from Proffesor Issac. As you collect your first person you realize that you and 6 other people are the only ones that can stop this chaos from occurring. Should you believe the voices that spoke to you? Who is the mysterious figure you witnessed? Can you bring peace back to the world?

    Hmm . . . even though this isn't the original, this plot is pretty good.

    The problem with it is that the storyline summary lacks subtlety. Essentially, once you reveal that the main character is a protector, you basically set him up to catch Arceus in the end. Granted, all of them ends with the MC winning out, but the fun in playing them is not knowing what that end will be.

    Another problem is making legendary Pokemon the main focus. Usually, how it goes is some dumb organization wants to trifle with legendary Pokemon, then you get one legendary appearance before you're able to catch them after you take out the dumb organization. The reason so many Pokemon games use this tired formula is simply to avoid overexposure and take away the amount of joy a player gets from capturing a legend. It's kinda like being able to catch Mew on the original games. However, you can actually keep the legendary Pokemon as the focus. You said there were 7 protectors. I assume some of them are a bit more selfish than others. There's also room for corruption among the good protectors, etc. There's a lot of wiggle room with the plot, which is why it's so good.

    But the biggest problem is justifying going out to gym battles. From what it seems, no one has the main goal of becoming Pokemon League champion. So, battling Gym Leaders would be almost pointless to the main story. However, since this is only a summary of the start, I won't jump to the conclusion that you haven't already figured that out.

    Anywho, I wish you luck on your hack. I'm interested in seeing the evolution of this story.