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★ I'm here, ★
Your there,
Move a little closer
And feel me twitch.
You drive me nuts
With your cuteness and your poses,
You better watch out because
This girls bringing roses.

Watching this feeling grow,
I can tell ya something,
It's not slow.
When I think you could be mine,
My whole world starts ta shine.
Don't care about age,
That's so last year,
Come here and let me
Make my feelings clear.

Maybe you don't feel the
Way I do, Maybe you
Do. But baby,
I love you true~

You make me feel happy,
Fill me full of bliss,
It don't matter,
Come here and lemme
Give ya a kiss!

Should I shut my lip
And pretend I don't feel
This electricity? Or should
I make you mine and rule this
City! Ahhhhh YEAH!

The Rozu makes a plan,
That will be her man,
Through good and bad,
Don't care if your sad!

Maybe this could have a little grace,
Maybe I'm outta place.
Don't matter, don't care.
Watch out or this lady will start ta
★ Swear! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAH!! ★

For someone who will probably never know... probably.
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