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    1) In a sense I suppose I experienced both complete destruction of my understanding of everything and also the reforming of my imagination at the same time it was quite overwhelming but it half belongs here.
    I had an epiphany about two years ago concerning the relevancy of our existence in the universe, I wish I could word it properly. I found the closest thing I could come to putting into our very limited language, from quite a popular video game of all places.
    "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
    The best I've come to explaining it is vague and highly abstract and I don't expect that many of you will fully grasp the idea. I think it best that you discover it on your own, it changes nothing about your life only the way you interact with and understand things, but I will push you in the direction. Imagine the quote hasn't anything specific in mind but is relating "nothing" as a paradox but "nothing is true" remain literal.

    2) I can't make sense of people who can't make sense of things. Basic things you have to be really thick to not understand. They through me into chaos.

    3) Chaos and disorder are natural. Entropy and enthalpy are my favourite excuse for not cleaning my room, because I'm right and big words confuse my mother.
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