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Originally Posted by Xolace View Post
I'd like to believe that a good portion of this can be attributed to the deep hatred a lot of religious people have for anyone who doesn't abide by their Gods "rules".

One hatred can cause an innocent person so much pain and suffering. As a result a new hatred is born.
But couldn't I be treated as the beginning of a new trend? A new beginning.

Forgiving is not forgetting. It's, in fact, remembering. It's to remember what was done wrong, and to allow them to try again.

I want to start a new trend, where everyone gets along. A new trend where everyone treats each other with the aforementioned forgiveness.

And where better a place can we start than here?

The American Revolution may have officially started on a battlefield, but to the people, to which it mattered, it started in their communities, in their homes.

So we should start the same way. Who cares that this is just a Pokémon forum? It's just as good a place as Let's try treat each other like we get along, and discuss where we don't get along in a manner in which we try to understand why we don't get along. This has nothing to do with ideologies, or religion, but rather because I want a better world and this is where I want to start.
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