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Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
Ugh, so I'm having some serious troubles breeding guys, please help :3.

Okay so what I want is a non-shiny, male, Timid/Modest Riolu with Inner Focus, HP Ice 70 and max special sweeper IVs. Corresponding with HP Ice 70 that would be 31/30/30/31/31/31 I have worked out (Manually because PPRNG crashes when I try searching for HP).

What I am working with is a male Lucario 29/22/8/13/28/31 and a shiny ditto 31/31/31/30/31/31. And no Everstone.

This is the seed I'm going for:

Now, when I'm hatching an egg to check for my shifted frame I get the highlighted offspring as a result no problem:

But when I'm using my Chatot's to shift the frame over 31 times I hatch an egg that isn't even on the list of nearby frames.
Suggestions please I've been doing this for days!

All I can think of is that when you try again you're being timer0 trolled. Are you absolutely sure you're hitting the right seed every time? Here's a way to check if you hit your seed when RNG breeding:
(Copied from TwilightBlade's RNG Guide located here:
step 11: optional shortcut
— Let's say that you have a really troublesome Pokémon to hatch, like Dratini or Larvesta. Upon completing your Chatter advancements, immediately collect the egg. Fly to the Pokémon League. Go to Victory Road and immediately enter a wild Pokémon battle (either by using Sweet Scent or turning your character in place). Catch it and find its approximate IVs.
— Go back to RNG Reporter's Main Menu. From the dropdown menu, change Method to Gen 5 IVs (Standard Seed). Change Starting Frame to 1. Click Generate.
— Look at Frames 14-20. If the caught Pokémon has roughly matching IVs on the table, you have successfully hit your seed. If there is no match, your egg will not be shiny flawless, but this saves you from hatching the wrong one.

This has helped me to know whether I was being timer0 trolled or if it was something else that wasn't working. It's also saved me time form hatching the wrong egg when I didn't hit my timer0. Hope this helps. ^^
Originally Posted by skittles1 View Post
Just passing the time waiting for a shiny flawless seed and was wondering if anyone knew of a good bw entralink rng guide and a 4rth gen cute charm method rng guide.
I found an Entralink RNG Guide, but since Smogon is down, so is the guide. D: Here's the link though so when Smogon is back up you'll be able to view it:

I haven't found any guides for 4th gen Cute Charm though, and since I haven't done much 4th Gen abuse I can't help you there. >.
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