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Ookido always makes the episode interesting xD
I'm impressed, Satoshi actually REMEMBERED Rotom xD Still had to use Dex to show it to Iris... oh well...
Lol'd at Live Caster in the middle of episode xD
Tsche, giving Rotom Volt Absorb... overpowered are we? :D
Ookido throwing Monster Ball at not weakened Pokemon... this reminded me of someone... and getting shocked while being absolutely okay, who could that be... :D
I died from Muggyo xD That guy is too much xD

And Ookido had to leave... his thesis won't wait =D

I'm starting to like Parkers, de gozaimasu, their proper vocabulary is getting into me, de gozaimasu.
And the ending... BW series has the best endings of all.
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