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Originally Posted by Thergox View Post
Well, KidCarter, I think you might have settled a lot of the dispute going about this thread. I think the very concept of a massive Pokemon game is amazing, but with all the other games, how would they implement enough of a story line to compete? I mean, it would get VERY dull and repetitive as you go on, especially for veterans. Sure, it is a total revamp with enhanced graphics and such (I won't even delve into the storage space, because this is all merely speculation) but if you just stick in the same old stuff from the past games, the concept falls over in its own flaw.
In terms of the storyline, there would be a very thin line between it being boring and being amazing. Obviously it couldn't simply be the current storylines otherwise it would become quite tedious (At best). However, complete new storylines also wouldn't be a good idea because then it's not a combination of the current games. I think it would need to to have the same base as all the current storylines but with just enough additions and twists that it becomes new without it being too new.

Things like Battle Tower would also need to be thought about carefully. Would the BT's be as they currently are and once all the region's have been completed, there's a separate island (possibly where the best trainer tournament, as mentioned in my last post, would be) where the battle frontier would be and then all the previous BT's close down and redirect to there instead. Or would they simply be kept in there original places with no changes to that part of the game?

Graphics, as you mentioned, would also be a major part because if they were to use the latest Pokemon graphics throughout the whole game, that could be a turn off to some people because they may not like the latest graphics and want more of a nostalgic feel to it.

I reckon just from such questions, aswell as inevitably tons of others, is the reason why it's highly unlikely to ever happen. All the community needs to wait for is the technology to be available and then it could be a huge community project to create the ultimate game.
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