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Both of the following are both education based and ever since I first heard of them, I've always believed in them and known them to be completely true.

Knowledge Is Power - Sir Francis Bacon
A child educated only at school is an uneducated child - George Santayana

Knowledge of course brings us power and that can never be disproved. It can obviously bring us the kind of power which can bring evil deeds upon the world but it can also foster friendships and loving across the world aswell. If I didn't have knowledge about a certain race/creed/person etc. then I may keep away from it/them as I don't know what could happen. If I gather the relevant knowledge first, I can confront it with the understanding and great things could potentially blossom from that.

Onto the next quote. When I was going through school, my dad always used to make me read encyclopaedias rather than going out and playing with friends. Even though it was a forced education, I don't regret that it happened at all because it taught me so many things about the world and it's cultures/traditions that I would have never have learnt about in school. Even since leaving school, in my spare time I'll often just research things about the past just because I find it all fascinating.

That's the reasons why I've always believed in those quotes and they've never done me wrong.
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