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Mandy- You're a a Azumaril. You're highly imaginative and creative, with a knack of acting and looking cute. Sometimes, you lack certain knowledge because people think you're too immature to understand. One of the best qualities about you is your kindness. You help without being asked to, and always try your best to treat everyone with equality. You can sometimes be curious without knowing what's in store for you, but your innocence clearly shows.

Murpheous- you're a Charizard. Your pride is aggresively strong, and will vow to protect it like that. You can appear a bit startling for other small Pokemon, but only some realize you have good intentions for your path. Trust is a big thing to you, as bonds between your closest friends are tight. You can go for an ego deflation once in a while, but as a Charizard, you are certainly inspirational and admirable. It's easy to see even strong ones have a playful nature to them.

Tig- Ooh...took me a while to figure it out, but I can only come up with Chikorita. ; You're outgoing with friends, even in public, despite the kinds of people there are right now. Unaware of everyone else's thoughts about you, you can appear cheerful even in the wrong times. You have your moments when you appear unlike your usual active personality, so any hint of depression can clearly show, since you can be mostly happy. Your friendship is important to you, so you try and treat them with respect, although no one's perfect and you can get pretty mad at times.

Shadow of Ash- You're a Sneasel. Pessimistic and forlorn to others, you barely show any hint of kindness. You appear rather devious and malicious, and 'care' is a foreign word. What if others are intimidated by you? Then let them, because they shouldn't mean anything to you, right? When mischief is needed, you create them with your own devilish havoc, taking glee into the 'fun.' You're not exactly a masochist, but things like that simply are your own unique ideas.

Digital Pheonix- I can only think of Snubbull...o_o; You can deceive people with cuteness. To public and such, people adore you for the way you are. However, most don't realize you can be violent without the way things are going. Sometimes, it confuses the heck out of most people, whether you're really on their side, or on your own. You're observant and clever enough to thrive on your own, but people like to pamper you too much. You can appear a bit strange at times with your change of minds, but some respect you for who you are.

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