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    Hi guys my name is Steve I'm new to the poke community and I created a pokemon deck
    with my friends where some of the cards come from the glaceon plasma freeze theme deck!
    This is my first created deck and I have most of the cards in this deck
    please rate this deck and give constructive criticism on what I could improve on thanks!


    Eevee x4 89/116 (Plasma Freeze)
    Jolteon x2 34/116 (Plasma Freeze)
    Vaporeon x2 20/116 (Plasma Freeze)
    Glaceon x2 23/116 (Plasma Freeze)
    Black Kyurum x2 100/149 (Plasma Storm)
    Black Kyurum EX x1 101/149 (Plasma Storm)
    Thundurus x1 35/98 (Emerging Powers)
    Zekrom x1 39/116 (Plasma Freeze)
    Pachirisu x1 37/116 (Plasma Freeze)
    Total: 16


    Cheren x4
    Team Plasma Grunt x3
    Team Plasma Ball x3
    Hypnotoxic Laser x2
    Eviolite x2
    Cilan x2
    Pokemon Communication x2
    Colress Machine x2
    Energy Search x2
    Energy Retrieval x2
    Level Ball x1
    Great Ball x1
    Escape Rope x1
    Plasma Frigate x1
    ACE SPEC: Crystal Wall x1
    Total: 29


    Water Energy x7
    Electric Energy x5
    Plasma Energy x3
    Total: 15

    Please Reply

    EDIT: This deck is for Casual play and it can be used competitively somewhat.
    Black Kyurum EX is used to dish out tons of damage while taking not much.
    with the crystal wall ACE Spec card, I can give Black Kyurum EX it and it will get 300 HP
    Zekrom, Thundurus and the regular EX are there to have pokemon that will do good amounts of damage without risking giving away 2 prizes
    Glaceon is used to give team plasma pokemon a retreat cost of 2 less energy.
    Also, all of the team plasma pokemon have 2 retreat cost so because of Glaceons Freeze Zone ability it gives all team plasma pokemon 0 retreat cost.
    Jolteon and Vaporeon act as a EX counter.
    Jolteon has an attack that does 40 damage and if the defending pokemon is an EX the pokemon cannot move next turn.
    Vaporeon has an attack that does 30 damage normally but if the defending pokemon is an EX the attack does 50 more damage. Vaporeon also has an attack that heals 30 damage from all of your pokemon active and on the bench for only one energy.
    And finally Plasma Frigate is there to get rid of any weakness the plasma pokemon have.

    Any card additions/changes would be much appreciated!
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