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Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
Based on the specs, that's too good of a laptop to have lag on your end, but I would check to make sure that no programs are maxing your computer's CPU or memory (RAM) available. Also, I will say, that's quite a lot of bloatware on that computer from Lenovo...

So if CPU or memory aren't a problem, it could be on the game server's side. Is the game played locally only or is it an online game?
Since I have no knowledge at all about this... I'd like to ask that which are the following are the bloatwares? Maybe you can mark the picture then show me the re-edited image of it? Thanks... I'm still quite wondering if this grey imported laptop is what caused the game to be lagging. I used Razer Game Booster and it barely does anything. Putting everything on high performance mode only helps very little...
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