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So, despite what I said, I ended up buying it launch day and really like it. Right now I'm on chapter...12, I think, and I'm having a lot of fun. The characters' dialog is just great, and I really start to regret not having engaged in a lot of the franchises (though I still recognize a lot of the characters, I just don't necessarily know their stories). It's especially nice to see how these characters build and strengthen relationships, and makes for great fanservice. Plus it's funny without that comedy getting in the way of a story. Plus the gameplay is really interesting. Probably my only complaint, which isn't really a complaint, is the difficulty, since it's on the easy side.

Oh, and there's Frank West. I love it anytime he's on screen. He's wacky in a rather subtle way, and it's the way that they using Frank West and Dead Rising to make him so humorous that makes him so great. Not saying he's my favorite character, but he made for an interesting addition.
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