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    Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
    Also, to expand on bloatware, it's usually also software installed by your computer's manufacturer, for a less-broad definition.

    As for the above speedtest, I would ask the owner of the server on what the recommended connection speeds are (upload/download), because those speeds seem a little slow, but it varies on the service.
    I guessed I should un-install all those useless bloatwares.

    And for the speedtest, I am still iffy about it because some friends of mine have a slower connection but still plays at full speed...then again, I could be very wrong so I cannot be so sure. I might try getting close to the router if that is possible. I am also living high up the 20th floor in my apartment so maybe that is why as well.
    Thanks a lot for trying to help, ZachLMedia.
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