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    Update I


    • Started with Piplup;
    • (unfortunately) Lost first Rival battle;
    • Received Pokedex from professor Rowan;
    • Received TM Return from professor Rowan;
    • Won battle against Rival;
    • Received HM Rock Smash from a hiker on the entrance of Oreburgh Gate;
    • Caugth a Zubat on Oreburgh Gate 1F;
    • Grinded until my Zubat reach a decent level;
    • After a really long battle and many Potions, finally won gym battle against Roark;
    • Defeated Galactic grunts and Galactic Commander Mars.


    ♀ Lv.19
    Zubat/BelaLugosi - Modest - InnerFocus
    Wing Attack - Bite - Astonish - Supersonic



    • Started with Charmander;
    • Received Pokedex from professor Oak;
    • Won battle against Rival;
    • Defeated Brock;
    • Charmander envolved to Charmeleon!
    • Teached Mega Punch to Charmeleon;
    • Helped Bill to transform back to human;
    • Received S.S.Anne Ticket from Bill.


    ♂ Lv.29
    Charmeleon/Shouka - Lonely - Blaze
    Ember - Mega Punch - Dig - Metal Claw