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    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    ...A little fun fact of this game is that the developers thought about either making this, or a Metroid game, but, they decided to make this game. Well, iirc, anyway.
    And they have made the best choice.

    This game is my game of the year. What? I don't need to play it, it's the sequel to a game I consider a close second to my game of the generation, only this time it'll have Dixie Kong, water levels and DAVID WISE. It was OBVIOUS that it could be my game of the generation, if not of the forever.

    Honestly though, this is like my dream game. E3 was disappointing at first (I warmed up to some games afterwards, though) but DKC:TF saved everything. I am extremely excited for it. Not to mention, the music is so god damned good already. David Wise still got it.

    Can't wait to see who the fourth playable character is. My mind says Cranky Kong but my heart says King K.Rool. I'll love either of them though. Maybe David Wise could be playable!

    Oh, and dat fur. Can't believe this game is out like 4 days after my birthday too. Like god damn, so close. I'll get to hear some of dat David Wise music this year, it's unbelievable.


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