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So earlier this weak I restarted my Diamond file (And my DSi, luckily although I'd reset it I was able to get back my DSiWare :D
So far I've just got as far as being inside the TV station, Chimchar nearly got murdered by a little girl with a couple of Pikachu, but eventually pulled through. I've been making slow progress because well, FIFA, work, Chuck (the awesome show), glastonbury etc. so it's taken me 5 days, but meh.

Scratch / Leer / Ember / Rock Smash

Keeping him un-evolved because a) like him too much b) got years with Infernape and c) Nasty Plot!

Tackle / Leer / Charge

Never actually persevered with a Shinx, always been a fan though. Might manage it now Luxray's grown on me (only took >5 years).

Bubble / Tail Glow / Water Sport / Charm

Got my eggs cloned, so now I can use Manaphy! It only hatched in Oreburgh Gate it's never faced a pokémon that isn't Rock-type, but seems like it's going to be a beast - being born with Tail Glow certainly helps.
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