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Version 2.1.3 Beta Deployed on MonsterMMORPG

* 60 New monsters added to the game. At the below of this thread you can see them. We have new artists and that is a good thing since it increases our chance to get new monsters in future

* Mixed general chat section added to the game. Every language can be spoken there. Good for 1 to 1 when no one else using

* Type chart page added so now you can see type effectiveness of attacking and defending types


* Trade-Sell history page added for Ancient and Legendary monsters. Benefit of this is, if you happen to suspect someone selling-buying monsters for real money, you can report them to me


* User profile page, user monster details page won't require login anymore

* Main navigation menu organized a bit more

* All monsters on all maps re-assigned

* All NPCs on all maps re-assigned

* All Monsters default abilities are re-assigned

* 200% Bonus event started for weekend

* Walking monster count for per map increased to 50 from 40 so not appearing monster count decreased even though total monster count increased

* Currently not available to catch monsters can be seen at below (they may still be obtainable with transformation)


* 2 Existing monsters images updated
---- #971 Cornimy, #1031 Unimy

* New monsters images

F2P Pokemon Style Monster MMORPG Developer
Looking for volunteer artists. The contributes will be fully credited at this respected game which may greatly help them in the future. Our credits page : MonsterMMORPG Credits

Basically if you are able to draw and want to get your place, just send me a PM. I have skype, live msn, yahoo msn.
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