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    Hello All.
    I'm giving myself a challenge to see how far I can go with creating my own Fakedex.
    I'll post pics of my Fakemon, their Fakedex entries and some sprites I've made based on them here.

    Included will be some of the experiences/difficulties and whatnot I had making the images, and additional information about some of the Fakemon families like unique abilities/moves.
    I'm going to include both Prehistoric typing (Strong type akin to Dragon) and the new Fairy type while omitting Normal typing.

    I'll also keep a tally of the total Fakemon I've plotted out - Planned typing/General Design/Named - and Fakemon I've completed Fakedex entries for - Scanned/Relined/Colored/Dexed.

    Plotted Tally:

    Grass: 5
    Fire: 2
    Water: 0
    Bug: 5
    Flying: 3
    Psychic: 0
    Poison: 6
    Fighting: 0
    Rock: 2
    Ground: 5
    Ice: 0
    Electric: 0
    Ghost: 1
    Steel: 4
    Dark: 0
    Fairy: 0
    Dragon: 0
    Prehistoric: 5
    Total Fakemon: 19

    Note: The Tally does count Dual Type Fakemon twice, so I've placed the total number in as well.
    I have many more in my head, just need to get them drawn acceptably before they're "acceptable" for this list.

    Fakedex Tally: 4

    Tumbleweed Line (replaces Victreebel line)

    Fakedex Entry:


    Notes: First Fakemon designed and sprited. Its Fakedex colors are based off its sprite. I examined patterns in the Swadloon sprite when shading it.
    I redesigned it heavily after attempting to make its original sprite more professional, and I think I've succeeded in that.

    Fun Info:
    The Tumbleweed Fakemon line follows the theme of using a term of futuristic implication – must/should/ought – and a word related to the weed cut short to end in 'l' – kal/thistle/tumble.
    Musdkal's mass amounts mainly from its two limbs.
    It may receive its own Grass themed Rollout attack.

    Thistle Branch – Walls a small amount of physical damage and injures the attacker.

    Ankylosaur Line (replaces the Golem line)

    Fakedex Entry:

    Notes: My first Fakedex entry. Only made difficult since I was adjusting my pen settings until I found one that was right. Found colors I felt fit and only slight experimenting was needed to get the rocky surfaces shaded to my liking.

    Fakedex Entry:

    Notes: I won't lie, I'm no genius at shading rocks. It was the toughest challenge besides finding colors that worked there, but I'm overall pleased with how it turned out.
    Named it Sledglyo at first because I didn't know Ankylosaur was spelled with the 'y' before the 'l.'

    Fakedex Entry:

    Notes: This was a beast to get the linework right. I made a terrible scan to work with that departed way too much of the original proportions I made in a tiny sketch, so I scanned the sketch and beefed it up in size for editing.

    Then came the color decisions: I wanted something that advanced from the skin it had previously that still had armor that looked like it could be mistaken for rock, but also distinctly metallic.
    I just love its proportions, though I may work on making its claws more uniform and making its headpiece more of a chrome dome.

    Fun Info:
    The naming theme follows several physical implements – mallet/sledge hammer/wrecking ball – and bits of the words for Ankylosaur, and Anguirus (a Godzilla monster).
    Each evolution learns a stronger tail based move – Wrecguirus holding the signature move of the family.

    Wild Swing – Powers up moves with less than 100% accuracy. (greater damage than Hustle)
    Steel Plating – Provides a small resilience to Physical/Special damage. (lower than Solid Rock)

    Please feel free to comment on any of my Fakemon for things you like and things you feel that could be improved.

    Musdkal and Mallank reuploaded with more effort
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