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    Originally Posted by magistovolt View Post
    Okay Im having huge problems with hacking and it all revolves around EEVEE.

    The basis is that im trying to add in Glacion and Leafeon as evolutions however there is no hack tool i found that allows the hacker to add more than 5 "branch evolutions" to a pokemon (probably due to eevee having 5 evolutions in gen 3.

    If you know of a tool that allows to change more than 5 evolutions please post the name and/or the link?

    My solution to the problem was to create another pokemon {EEVEE II} so there would be one species that evolved into the first 5 eeveelutions and a second for Glacion, Leafeon, and maybe a proto-Slyveon.

    The problems with this were changing the name of other pokemon sprites (Wismer, Loudred, Exploud) and then the game would allow me to use a stone to evolve wismer but before the evolution sequence the message "Huh?" appears on the screen and the screen returns to the bag with the Leaf Stone highlighted

    Please help me with tools to change either one of these problems?
    1) This is because the games evolution routine only allows for 5 evolutions. You would need to hack it with ASM to change the restrictions and then completely rework the evolution table around it, or you could create a special case branch for Eevee in the routine. Both require a knowledge of ASM.

    2) Do you have the national dex? Probably not, which is required to evolve a pokemon to an evolution outside of the original 151.

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