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There's not much rulebreaking that goes on in my section. The occasional advertising/linking to illegal streams is about it, the rest of the things are pretty subjective. Asking for links? I'll direct them to the one legal streaming place I know of and advise them not to ask again. Going off-topic? I think I would be stricter about meandering off-topic if more people actually posted in PA, but I'll take anything I can get in the way of discussion. Wrong place/didn't check for existing threads/obvs didn't read the guidelines? Move/lock it up with an explanation and directions. I'm pretty chill about it and I haven't had any repeat offences so you know. Works well enough.

The one thing I really get irritated about is derogatory language. Not swearing, I'm cool with that unless you censor bypass because that's against PC rules, not mine personally. Anything suffixed by "hags", any derivation of "retard", or generally sexist/racist/-phobic remarks are absolutely not tolerated. If a member has used language like that in a post, I will message them as soon as I see it explaining why it is not acceptable language and that they should edit the post to avoid further action. I prefer not to edit people's posts for any reason because I believe that members should be able to choose their own comments and wording, and oftentimes they haven't even realized their language was offensive. If a member chose to ignore my written warning, I suppose I would have to actually learn how to use the infraction system. I haven't had to yet.

I haven't really found anything about being a mod particularly different from being a member. I do all the things I had been doing (making episode threads, attempting to promote discussion). I just have the ability to actually take care of and organize my favourite section rather than sit around anxiously waiting for my report to be noticed/Leafy to fix something for me. I don't really use the perks. I've never given out an emblem. I kind of feel bad when I close threads, although sometimes it's just exasperated. Hmm. I like being able to give talking-tos about language without being yelled at. I like that telling people not to do a thing or to post somewhere else is no longer mini-modding for me. I think I'll like playing with the forum splash when I get around to fiddling with it. But I think my favourite thing is always going to be stickying threads. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・
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