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    Originally Posted by Black Ice View Post
    in any case this thread is the ****ing stupidest thing because math is obviously our language while the principles they describe can't be changed. the argument is basically asking if math is both a language and a principle.
    philosophy isn't stupid because you don't understand it. This is a chicken or the egg debate essentially.

    @Amore: I'm Australian, this is the only time I've ever agreed with American Grammar. Mathematics is not plural so to shorten it into something resembling plural is misleading, hence math. But feel free to call it as you like that's not the point of this thread.

    @Gimmepie: Now prove to me a square isn't a cube from face only view without manipulating it, you can't prove it and you can't disprove it so we both have different views of this super-positioned square and neither of us are wrong.

    Okay I misspoke, i meant I was referencing English language.

    @PhantomX0990: But wouldn't you suppose that being the "perfect language" we can comfortably acknowledge it as more than it describes without context.
    In actual fact a picture can describe something quite well, I have a picture of an apple, you note its size, colour, shape and even its flavour and texture from past experience.
    And if we describe math without words we don't get any other form of studied science, we get the tools to study all of those sciences.
    Besides we define Physics as a study but I would still call gravity physics far before Newton and Einstein existed.
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