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Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
@PhantomX0990: But wouldn't you suppose that being the "perfect language" we can comfortably acknowledge it as more than it describes without context.
In actual fact a picture can describe something quite well, I have a picture of an apple, you note its size, colour, shape and even its flavour and texture from past experience.
And if we describe math without words we don't get any other form of studied science, we get the tools to study all of those sciences.
Besides we define Physics as a study but I would still call gravity physics far before Newton and Einstein existed.
A picture could give the idea of a thing. But that's not essentially the description. You could draw a picture of an apple, color it in red. I then could point at the red color, and ask, what is that? You'd say that's the apple. I'd say, no, what's that color? You'd say, that's red. I would the ask, what is red?

Exactly. Language is, in essence, our link to reality. Take it away and we have our thoughts and ideas. Those tools that we would be left with are the same as language. For language is not just spoken, but thought. It is our entire thought process. You cannot think of something without thinking of its associated word.

I'd call physics a study, yes I suppose... but isn't gravity a physical truth? It still existed before we had a word for it... now we do. Now that's all it is... a word, an idea. We labeled a fact. Langauge is powerful ****. Kinda blows the mind.

I'd get more in depth but I'm pressed for time.
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