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    Originally Posted by TheBigMan0706 View Post
    Wait, there's an breathing bar this time? Why add that?! It was good without the worry to breath when you're underwater! Donkey Kong 64 didn't have an air meter (even though Super Mario 64 had an air meter), so why mess with the formula?!
    Because DK64 sucked big time.

    In seriousness though, DKC, DKCR in particular, are very fast paced and dynamic games and in the original trilogy the water levels always broke the flow. DKC2 had the right idea in that the levels were designed to get you tensed up and alert to hurry up. But that resulted in only having 4 water levels, due to the lack of variety, so might as well not have them and instead design better levels.
    There's a reason they were removed in DKCR and it's because of that. Though looks like they had the right idea now, as the ability to attack and the inclusion of the air meters allow the designers to not be limited in the level design. These two features allow the water level to be tense, alert and dynamic, complementing the normal levels nicely without breaking the flow like the way the original water levels did.

    It's also the same reason why the only animal buddy that returned was Rambi. All the others broke the flow and pace due to how slow they were. Rambi was the only one whose purpose was to keep going and wreck stuff which complemented the flow of the game nicely. Though with the water levels being back I can see Enguarde coming back too as he is basically Rambi except underwater.


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