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I'd say I'm a pretty neutral moderator. I'm not overly strict but I'm not super laid back either. If someone's broken a rule, I'll usually just message them and give them a heads up or give them a warning. If they break the rule again then I'll issue them an infraction.

My favourite aspect of being a moderator would have had to been my first day. I was the fresh meat on the chopping block. I was excited, nervous, a bunch of emotions. I got a flood of congratulatory VMs, PMs everything. For once I actually felt like I was noticed, that I meant something to the community, and that I was valued. As of now, my favourite part of being a moderator would be being able to have a large say in the way the community operates. I also can't forget about the funny discussions in the moderator forums.

My least favourite part of moderating here at PC is having to warn or infract members who are actually really nice. I sometimes feel guilty, but at the same time I ensure I remained unbiased and fair. One of the negatives of being a moderator is how I've changed. Like I said before, I think I've changed in a slightly negative way. I think I need to relax more and just have some fun. At times I've rubbed a few people up the wrong way (don't we all), so I'd like to apologise to those who I have annoyed. At times I'd like to start fresh, but all in all I'm pretty pleased in the way I carry myself. I'd like to think members consider me as any other normal member, who's just got a little extra responsibility.

I strive to make my section of the community as fun and inviting as possible (because we're all here to enjoy ourselves right?), so I think if I were to be really strict then that'd be impossible for me to achieve. I want to be a moderator people look up to, but I also want to be someone people want to come to if they need help or have a question they need answered. I think my biggest flaw as a moderator is that sometimes I can be quite opinionated. As a result, I can often make judgements without hearing the full story and so I can also be a bit snappy at times. I hope to fix that, and continue to grow to become not a 'perfect' member, but a good one at least! :)
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