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Update 1

I receive my starter: Cyndaquil
I do the storyline upto violet city and start beating sprout tower where cyndaquil evolves into quilava on the trainer before the elder.
I beat the Elder and then the Violet City Gym leader after that with quilava sweeping through.
I receive the egg and head down route 32 with only encountering 1 trainer. I enter the pokemon center to receive the old rod, and i go back towards Violet City where i start fishing for a poliwag.

The Poliwag i found was on the 2nd fish and it was level 10. Quilava used quick attack, it took it down to just above half, i threw a pokeball and caught it and i was a happy bunny.I boxed quilava and the egg and i proceeded with the game by, training Poliwag to level 12 where i then took on all the trainers on route 32 where i left it just before union cave so ive done quite alot in my recent run.

3/16 badges

Trainer Type Ultimate Challenge

Fire Red 8/8
Heart Gold 0/0
Emerald 8/8
Pearl 0/0
Black 8/8