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    Originally Posted by TheDersasaurus View Post
    Hoenn was my favorite region. Emerald was the first game I played. Sadly, the Hoenn games were a one-time thing. They had no problem remaking Johto and Kanto into one game, So why didn't they remake Hoenn? Well, they got in too deep over their heads with making a new region. I definitely would've chose a Hoenn remake instead of black and white. So maybe after C and Y, a Hoenn remake? I'd really like that
    Well, probably one of the main reasons was: Hoenn was "still compatible" with the other versions (Gen4) via Pal Park.

    Since Gen III ditched the old system, trades and battles were no longer possible for Gen 3 and any Gen(s) before it. So, FR/LG were remade to bring their generation back to life. This allowed people to get the Gen 1 Pokemon they've missed from Gen 3 once again. And of course, they made it possible for FR/LG to be compatible with future games as well -- again, via Pal Park.

    Probably the same case for HGSS. Since G/S/C also got the red card, they had to remake it for compatibility at some point. (I don't recall acquiring the legendary dog trio elsewhere, at least)

    Sadly, since they have already made B/W kind of a separate "series", it's hard to tell whether remakes would be possible within the next 10 years (if pokemon is even still ongoing by that time). Someday, maybe, for fanservice's sake, they would remake R/S/E and apply some 3D graphics... but I doubt it.
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