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    Originally Posted by PJBottomz View Post
    Map Name: Pallet Town
    Map Game: FireRed
    Hack Name: Pokemon Ichorus
    Comments: This is essentially a remake of Pallet Town. I hated the original version because of how open the houses were to the paths - and I also hated that stupid light green path they used. I'm not totally sure how to frame off the water correctly at the bottom. Using a fence leaves an open space amongst the tree tops, but just having that lone small tree there is... odd. Sadly, if I add another small tree on the bank, it takes up too much space. I tried to use an air filter, but the tileset piece for the bank wasn't attached to the water. The empty tile next to the small tree is where a person will be standing. I'm also on-the-rope about adding some kind of vegetation behind the player's house. I personally think it looks okay as is, and most of it won't be seen anyway, but... idk. It seems weird.
    Okay, so here's my rating for your map.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    There aren't any errors in this map but it looks a bit boring imo. You could expand the map so that you have more space to work with. With that additional space you can also vary the structure of the border trees so that there isn't just a straight line of trees. Overall the map seems a bit like a square, but I can understand that because the original Pallet town was also very linear and you probably want to keep GameFreak's style. Despite that I'd suggest mapping a bit more freely, you don't have to completely copy the structure of PT (especially since the lab is at a different place too). A bigger map would also solve your problem with the water. You could put more trees in the corner so that the edge will be more "rounded" if you know what I mean. Move the pond up a bit and leave more room between the water and the corner, that will look much more natural. The bottom of the map can also be improved because there is not much space for the player to walk on.
    Overall tips: Make the map bigger and try to make the border less linear. I know you hate the original Pallet town with much space but you can at least try to make the border area bigger, that should help. I like the idea of vegetation behind a house, I used that for the professor's lab in a hack I'm working on. Hope this helped you a bit.

    And here's my map:
    Map name: Route 1
    Map Game: FireRed
    Hack name: Pokemon Shining Waters & Hazing Flames

    The first route in the game. The area the map is located in is a valley and it's surrounded by mountains. I tried to place the tall grass in a way that the player has to do some battles before he enters the first city. You can jump over the ledge if you want to return quickly to your starter town, but when you walk on this route from left to right you have to take the path with tall grass.
    Not much else to say, feel free to rate the tiles separately if you want.